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Cartonera Cartography is a community art project which brings artists and residents together in collaboration to create – by means of writing, photography, art, and cardboard – a cartonera “guidebook” of Santa Ana. In a series of workshops, participants will explore and document the places and experiences that, for them, represent the “essence” of Santa Ana: What do I see that you do not see? What do I love about this city and have never told anyone? Cartonera bookmaking is a form which first began in Latin America and which invites active community participation in the process of making and publishing books, a process which thereby promotes accessibility, creativity, and self-sufficiency, as well as environmental responsibility by using recycled materials. With the guidance of Nicole Cecilia Delgado, an internationally-recognized cartonera artist (hear her talk about cartonera here ), participants will see their words and ideas come to life. They will be trained in cartonera bookmaking, resulting in the publication and distribution of over 120 handmade guidebooks throughout Santa Ana. The final “guidebook” about the city Santa Ana will be a community document – created by, for, with, and in the community.


August 4th and 11th: Cartonera Development Workshops
August 18th: Final Book Release Celebration, open to the public

How Can You Get Involved?

The final book release celebration will be open to the public. Save the date – Saturday, August 18th – and check our Facebook page for details TBA!


Community members can apply to take part in the 3-part series of workshops. We will be meeting on August 4th, 11th, and 18th. Send us an email at with your contact information and describing why you’d like to be a part of this project. The deadline to apply is July 27, 2012.

Donate Money

If you can make a monetary donation, we really appreciate the support. Many of us have volunteered our time and efforts to make Cartonera Cartography happen, but there are also many expenses involved. Your donation – of whatever amount – will help this project to be successful! (Please note that we are not a 501(c)3 organization, so your donation will not be tax-deductible.) Visit our Indiegogo page to see how you can help.

Donate Supplies

Please email us – – if you can donate any of the following materials.

  • Paper: white, colored or reused (printed on one side, printed half a page, etc.. That can be reused)
  • Cardboard
  • Scraps of fabric
  • Old magazines and old newspapers
  • White glue or school glue
  • Any arts and crafts materials, new or recycled, the participants want to bring to use and share
Participating Artists
Guest Artist

(Puerto Rico) Poet, translator, writer, designer and cultural organizer. She studied comparative literature at the University of Puerto Rico, completed an MA in Latin American and Caribbean Studies at SUNY Albany, New York. She studied screenwriting at the International School of Film and Television of San Antonio de los Baños (Havana, Cuba) and Creative Writing at the General Society of Writers of Mexico (SOGEM). She serves as facilitator of creative writing workshops, poetry, journalism, book binding and has collaborated with workshop leaders, teachers, young poets and book artists in Puerto Rico, New York, Mexico, Ecuador, Guatemala, El Salvador and Panama. Between 2008-2009, she participated in the international collective of writers Las Poetas del Megáfono in Mexico City. She has also worked the genre of video poetry since 2005 and maintains the blog Rabietario. Currently she is currently working with Xavier Valcárcel on the publishing project Atarraya Cartonera of Puerto Rico. Her poetry has been translated into English, Catalan, Galician, Polish, German and Portuguese. She has written 13 books of poetry [secretos familiares (Mixta: Nueva York, 2006), violencias cotidianas (Literal: México, 2009), añosluz (Vueltegato: Guatemala, 2010; (H)onda Nómada: México, 2010), arcanos mayores (Taller Leñateros: Chiapas, 2011), El diablito (S.O.P.A.: Guatemala, 2011) y Poemas para megáfono (París Volcán: San Salvador, 2012), entre otros] and the anthology of translations of contemporary Latin American poetry Hallucinated Horse / New Latin American Poets in collaboration with Tom Slingsby, published in Brighton, England under the seal of Pighog Press. In 2012 she was invited to the XXI International Book Fair of Havana and Latinale, Latin American Poetry Festival in Berlin.

Local Artists

is a sandwich aficionado and maker, eco-friendly luchadora, and community activist. She started her business, Plast*Eco: Crafty Recycling, during her sophomore year in college in order to fund her own tuition. (It's a real bitch when you don't have access to scholarships, grants, and what not, and tuition keeps increasing.) Plast*Eco began as an environmental project to reduce plastic pollution and create functional art. Soon it became a community collective among family and friends. Manos a la obra! Plast*Eco, nowadays, likes to do workshops on a wide variety of topics: college access, scholarships, AB540/Dream Act related issues, recycling, arts & crafts, and how to start a business. She currently works at Cafe Calacas (come! vengan a comer!!). Follow Jacky on blogspot:

In 1998 she crossed her first border towards California and since then has lived in many of its Southern California cities. Poet, writer and a graduate student at the Department of Spanish and Portuguese - University of California, Irvine. She has been the director of the literary electronic magazines Ciudad Universitaria and Alud. Her literary work has appeared in Palabras Malditas and La Bloga. In July of 2012 Catafixia, a publishing house from Guatemala, released her first poetry book titled Terca. She is a frustrated ballet dancer and fan of detective novels.

better known as Chilo, is a born artist from Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mexico. He was brought to the United States by his parents when he was only nine years old, and he has been doing art for as long as he can remember. Art is his passion. He’s currently working on finishing a collage notebook that he started a few years back, and he’s also making some of his collages into paintings. He also enjoys poetry, performance art, acting and playing music. In addition, he enjoys doing community work like helping paint community murals. He has participated in a few in Santa Ana and will soon start working on another.

is a Xicana Indigenous artist, photographer, estudiante graphic designer, jaranera, poet, cocinera vegana and community organizer. Her artwork has been on exhibition throughout Santa Ana and has received several awards including Show Favorite for El Abuelo, Silver Print (2010) at the Orange County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. She is co-founder of Seeds of Resistance, a grassroots wombyn’s art collective in Santa Ana. In the summer of 2011, she became a youth mentor for Las Fotos Project, a non-profit organization empowering Xicana youth through photography. Her artwork has been published in the 2012 Rites of Passage Mujeres de Maiz annual Zine. She believes art is a way of resistance and healing by communicating the spirit of creativity through visual arts. Inspired in part by social movements and grassroots struggles, she continues to learn and grow as an artist, planting seeds through art. Her website is

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